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Preclearance inspection

A Preclearance inspection is essentially the same inspection a traveler would experience at a U.S. port of entry, but is completed on foreign soil.

Aruba’s Customs and Border Protection Pre – clearance is the second General Aviation operation in CBP.

CBP expanded its operations beyond preclearing only scheduled commercial travelers in Aruba, to include the processing of flights that qualify as private aircraft under 19 CFR 122.1(h).

Pre-clearance of a private aircraft means that the full inspection for
documents, baggage and agriculture items are complete prior to the aircraft’s departure.

All laws and Regulations for entering the United States apply.



for flights

  • Requests for Pre-clearance services should be submitted 24 hours in advance for private flights (Part 91) and 48 hours in advance for charter flights (Part 135).
  • Have a valid CBP user free decal for the aircraft.
  • Comply with USDA requirements for handling of regulated garbage at the U.S. destination airport.
  • Submit an electronic manifest (e-APIS) no later than 60 minutes prior to the inspection start time.
  • Present travelers, all baggage and aircraft for inspection in the CBP facility.
  • Ensure servicing of the aircraft is conducted prior to its physical CBP inspection.
  • Immediate departure upon completion of CBP inspection.
  • Compliance with other CBP requirements as indicated on www.cbp.gov and as indicated in the "CBP Preclearance of General Aviation Summary Guide".